Don’t Waste America—No False Solutions for Nuclear Waste!

NIRS is ramping up our Don’t Waste America campaign– and we hope you will join us! America needs to mobilize now. Our communities across the country could start seeing shipments of lethally radioactive waste on their roads, rails, and waterways.

After 75 years of nuclear power and nuclear weapons, there is still no viable solution to the growing stockpiles of waste that will endanger humans and the environment for a million years or more.

Unfortunately, Congressional leaders and the Trump administration are pushing false solutions that will make real problems with nuclear waste even worse. They want to start putting nuclear waste on thousands of trucks, trains, and barges – all just to dump it in places where it can never be stored safely.

Just imagine: massive radioactive convoys trundling across the country constantly, for decades … through big cities and small farms, over bridges and through tunnels, next to schools, parks, homes, and offices. Every container of nuclear waste weighing up to 125 tons, with dozens of times more radioactive material than the Hiroshima atomic bomb released. They emit radiation 24/7 as they go, like roving X-Ray machines that can’t be turned off. And even worse – accidents will ensue.

We can’t let this happen.

Don’t Waste America is a campaign to nip this nuclear madness in the bud and unite the country for real solutions to nuclear waste.

“Don’t Waste Missouri, to Dump on Nevada!”
“Don’t Waste New York, to Dump on New Mexico!”
“Don’t Waste Chicago, just to Mess with Texas!”

First and foremost, we have to stop Congress from passing bad legislation. Our goals this year are to deliver 100,000 petition signatures to Congress, and make sure every candidate running for office knows how dangerous mass shipping of nuclear waste would be.

To get there, we have to alert, inform, and activate people throughout the country about the dangers of nuclear waste shipments that could be coming to their communities. We are holding educational events, organizing protests, working with grassroots activists, challenging nuclear waste dumps, and holding speaking tours along transport routes.

We need your help to make it happen. We have to raise $40,000 over the next three months to launch the campaign. Every dollar you give will be matched by an enthusiastic donor.

All we ask is that you give what you can, and take action.

And please pay it forward by telling your friends about this campaign. Urge them to follow your good example and take action to stop nuclear waste, too. That’s how we Don’t Waste America.

For a Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free World!

The NIRS Team
Jasmine Bright – Communications Specialist
Diane D’Arrigo – Radioactive Waste Project Director
Lyn Griffith Taylor – Energy Democracy Specialist
Denise Jakobsberg – Administrative Coordinator
Tim Judson – Executive Director
Mary Olson – Director, NIRS Southeast


Meet some of the folks fighting against Congress's #FalseSolutions for nuclear waste

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